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Elite Force 6-35 PDW


System Gas Airsoft
Caliber cal. 6 mm BB
Energy ~1.2 Joule
Bullet speed ~120 m/s (0.25 g BB)
Barrel length 290 mm
Weight 2280 g
max. Length 715 mm
Mag. capacity 40 BBs
0,25 g BB
Joule 1.2 Joule


Manufacturer UMAREX
Brand Elite Force
  • fixed hop-up
  • semi-auto
  • open bolt
  • blow back


Part Description Status Note
Loading Nozzle GHK Loading Nozzle Assembly for PDW GBB Series (High Muzzle Velocity) problems [1]
Pistol Grip King Arms G27 Pistol Grip for WA M4 / M16 Series (BK) OK
Hop-Up Hopup tuner for GHK PDW OK
MadBull Sharkg Hopup Bucking with Fishbone Spacer OK
Maple Leaf Daimond Hopup Rubber for AEG (80°) ordered
Barrel Barrel reinforcement for GHK PDW not fitting [2]
MadBull Ultimate Tight Bore Barrel 6.01mm / 247mm G36C / SG552 OK
Part Specs Status
Inner barrel 260 x 8,6 (mm) Stock
Hop-Up 8 x 23 (mm) Stock
- Chamber - x 24 (mm) Stock
Pistol grip Stock


  1. Nozzle jams and blocks the bolt from moving back completly. The gas of the magazins runs out pretty quick. Quickly firing a few shots causes the bolt to move very slow and not feeding new BBs into the barrel.
  2. The CNC part does not fit exactly, adjusting the part using a phile, or checking that every part attached to the barrel is aligned properly.

Shopping List


  • WA - Western Arms
  • AR15
  • M4
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